All Ye Singers

tune by Mozart

words by choir leader extraordinaire Tina Filippino

All ye singers and non-singers, come and join your voice with us now

We'll sing some songs, some chants and rounds, and we will have a lot of fun! 

We'll sing some harmony together, it always makes us feel much better. You need no tools, just comfy shoes, and drink some water stay on top of hydration.

If you've been told you're singing out of key, then our choir's the place for you to be. We love to sing! So come and join us find out for yourself! 

At three locations once a week, come once, come twice, or come to all three! You're welcome in our community!

All Ye Singers - Full Song
All Ye Singers - Tenor
All Ye Singers - Bass
All Ye Singers - Soprano
All Ye Singers - Alto