Basket Mailing List

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Thanks for your interest in my basketry craft!
To purchase a basket, first sign up on the list below to be notified about the dates for my seasonal basket drops. 
You can find pricing references in the form or by perusing previous work.

Because the full process of basketmaking can take up to a year start to finish, I encourage anyone interested in purchasing to indicate the kind of basket you're hoping for so I can keep it in mind as I start a new phase of weaving.
I work with local, bioregional plants in their natural state, so available colors vary and are seasonal.
If you need an order shipped, plan for up to $30 - $90 shipping for storage and
pack baskets depending on the size and your location.

Don't hesitate to reach out directly with any questions!

Annie Zylstra is a community choir leader, oral tradition songleader, and willow basketmaker currently taking a break from her main work of leading in-person music workshops during the Covid-19 pandemic. She is currently using the time away from work to focus on her basketry - learning, teaching, and selling baskets, and borrowing this space on her music project's website to do so!