here are 10 dear baskets available to invite into your home. the listed price does not include shipping. if you'd like to see more photos or claim any given basket, send me a message. baskets will be shipped within one week.


a medium sized basket of intricate color woven with wild Wisconsin willows and a few purpurea varieties. 


-sold out-


large gathering basket woven with wild Wisconsin willow, yellow twig dogwood, with natural curly willow handle. perfect for large garden and fruit harvests.


"Rainbow Pack"

colorful sturdy backpack woven with wild Wisconsin willows, red osier dogwood, yellow twig dogwood, and salix 'x' flame willow. perfect for summer gathering and all mobile storage needs. a favorite!



elegant red osier medium willow bowl with a splash of cured salix 'x' flame. 


-sold out-

"Patchy Bowl"

medium bowl woven with wild Wisconsin willow and cured salix 'x' flame. 



large, fancy red osier basket woven with salix 'x' flame. great to beautify any home space while offering the function of storage!



lovely large wide-hipped basket woven with wild Wisconsin willows and purpurea varities. 


-sold out-


large home piece or potential pack basket woven with wild Wisconsin willows and salix 'x' flame. this basket was originally woven to be a large harvest pack, but remains unstrapped, so you can decide the function yourself!


-sold out-


long, leany playful basket woven with wild Wisconsin willows red osier, salix 'x' flame, and yellow twig dogwood.


-sold out-

"Special One"

a very dear medium sized fawn-colored basket woven with rare wild willows. 


Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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