body of sound
singing from our Self
April 7 • 10AM - 1PM 
Quarry Arts Center • Madison, WI

You're invited to a guided exploration of Voice and Self by Xochi John, Alexander Technique teacher and Annie Zylstra, Natural Voice Practitioner. Together, we will examine the vital relationship between voice and whole body, utilizing mediums of gentle, supportive movement, listening, and song to cultivate a strong foundation of self awareness. It is said that the voice is 'the muscle of the soul'. In growing an awareness of how that muscle functions in us, we can uncover the natural support available within ourselves for more free, embodied singing and expression. 

    This workshop is intended to create a comfortable space for both self and group exploration. In our collective setting, no one will ever be required to sing alone. Furthermore, we have a chance to practice tuning into a co-created sound while maintaining awareness of our individual voices - a practice that can feed many areas of life. No prior AT, movement, or singing experience is necessary, and people of all movement and musical abilities are welcome. 

    Xochi John is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. She first encountered the Alexander Technique in a search for relief from shoulder and back pain while studying cello in college. In 2014, she finished a three-year AT teacher- training program in Urbana, IL. The training provided the space and time to experience a joy and ease in her cello playing she never thought possible, but she also found that the Technique informed and enhanced her life in general. She is passionate about creating space and time for her students to grow awareness of their inherent mind-body connection through embodied mindfulness practice.

      Annie Zylstra is a community choir leader and natural voice practitioner based in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. She is a lifelong singer, and has been facilitating, writing, and collecting songs in the aural tradition for seven years. Annie believes that everyone can sing, and that using our voices is one of the most powerful things we can do, both for ourselves, and for a a world hungry for collective experiences of joy and meaning. She currently leads four aural tradition community choirs in Viroqua and Madison, WI, and facilitates workshops around the country.