Fall Choir Songs!


Crickets - Annie Zylstra
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Crickets is a three part lullaby inspired by the opening Gary Snyder poem in David Abram's book Spell of the Sensuous. It's a song-form reminder that we live in an animate world of living sentient beings who are not just there to be experienced by us, but that actually feel and experience us as well. What would a world look like that remembered and cultivated that relationship?

As the crickets soft autumn hum is to us,

so are we to the trees,

as are they to the rocks and hills.

In Through The Night - Annie Zylstra
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This original tune flowed in while I was living with and care giving for my mother for a year with our conservative family. Donald Trump, who most people I was around supported as a presidential candidate, was in the process of being elected, and it was so apparent that as the more beautiful world we know is possible forms, some hard, hard stuff is going to go down. Being with my family during that time made me realize how important it is to hold onto relationships even through difference and challenge, that that time with them was an amazing opportunity to build bridges between increasingly polarized ideologies in our country and world. This song asks, how do we hold each other in these times? A question I was asking a lot during that season of my life. I'm still always looking for answers!

Part 1: We've gotta hold on, hold on tight to each other. 

'Cause freedom's coming in through the night. 

How do we hold each other in these times? 

When freedom comes she'll be coming through the night.

I can feel it coming, change is in the air. 

When freedom comes she'll be coming through the night.

Part 2: The dark comes before the dawn but I won't give up, no, no, I won't give up.

Part 3: When the dark comes before the dawn, I will hold onto you.

And if freedom comes in through the night I won't give up, I won't give up.

Vodo - Russian Courting Song
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Vodo vodo, Ivanishki, Vodo vodo, Ivanish.

Ishkatsa Ishkatza, Vodo Ivanishki,

Ishkatsa Ishkatza, Vodo Ivanishki

Mari maja, Mari maja, Mari Majushkaja.

Marimaja, Mari maja, Mari Majushkaja.

What Goes Around - Tom Tyre
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What Goes Around, a many-part round by Tom Tyre. 

What goes around comes round again,

Comes round again, that we might mend.

An Invitation to Sing - Mozart / Tina Filippino
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A lively 4-part choir anthem with words by Tina Filippino and melody adapted from Mozart's The Magic Flute.
Teaching Tracks
O Light Abide - Quaker Round
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An American Quaker round, and the official closing song of Resound Choir.
O, light abide with us, for it is now the evening, the day is passed and over. 
Autumn Light - Yuri Woodstock
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Autumn light fading right into the end of day. 

Autumn air, take me where I'm home, home to stay.

The day is leaving, the stars are come.

The color of  dreams, the color of dust.

The color of peach, the color of rust.

Fading into all my dreaming.

Patskha - Georgia
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Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

Oida patskha mi ors margalishi nanina

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

(orudila dela!) Oida mo-u-na pil pargalishi nanina 

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

Oida wart magha li wart da-bali nanina

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

(orudila dela!) Oida ch'ipeh c'hi nu mangarishi nanina

A Question of Tempo - Joanne Hammil
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When I'm under pressure I get speedy and tense up and then ironically I don't get as much done as I could if I would slow down, breathe deep, stay centered and calm. I tried but I can't! I'm thinking of adding a relaxation class into my schedule so I can be more steady even though I'm adding more!

Rutabaga - Joanne Hammil
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Broccoli, kale, rutabaga, brussel sprouts!
Mama says to eat your vegetables, even, guess what, Rutabaga!
Believe it or not, rutabaga tastes good!
Who would name a food 'rutabaga'?
Full Moon Outside My Window - Chandler Yorkhall
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Full moon outside my window this cold September night,
pulls me into wakefulness far too early.
I'd rather be sleeping, the day's already too long for me.
I'll just wait for dawn.
When the Winter Comes - John Krumm
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When the winter comes we gather to dance and sing together,

When the winter comes we gather to dance our cares away

Everybody clap hands, everybody sing now,

Sing a song of gladness, sing a song of joy!

Winter, cold winter, blows hard against my window pane

Dance round the fire 'till springtime comes again!

Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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