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Dimitro Sino Dimitro

Dimitro, my dear Son • Smolyan, Rhodope Mountains Bulgaria

Dimitro Sino Dimitro is a one-voice Rhodope song the village Smolyan. Smolyan is located in the central Rhodope mountains, whose highly lyrical and ornamental musical tradition is considered to be the most pure and original Rhodope sound, and whose characteristics are defined by it's large rolling mountains, centuries long isolation from surrounding regions, and it's colonization by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire forced its subjects to convert to Islam, which banned women from singing in public. For this reason, Rhodope singing grew to be quieter and more subtle than the later Ottoman colonized, more stridently singing regions to the north and west. Today, Muslim Rhodope and Bulgarians from other regions are referred to as 'Pomak' and have their own distinct and very rich musical traditions within Bulgaria. Smolyan is also its own linguistic dialect, and is the most idiosyncratic of all the Bulgarian dialects.



Dimitro sino Dimitro, izlyazi sino poglyadni

Izlyazi sino poglyadni, kakvo e horo stanalo


Kakvo e horo stanalo, na radinine dvorove

Do kata moma iyunak, dotvoya ruska dvamina


Dotvoya ruska dvamina, dvamina ludi i mladi

Da igrayat majcho da igrayat, ruska e moya pak moya


Ruska e moya pak moya, Ruskin e porsten u mene

Ruska e moya pak moya, Ruskin e porsten u mene


Dimitro, my dear son Dimitro

Come on out and see what is happening here

Do you see the village horo dance?

In the line’s a boy with every girl.

And by your girl Ruska there are two.

Beware both of them are young and wild! 

Do not worry mother, let them have fun. 

Ruska’s mine, and she’ll always be mine.

She has my ring, her ring is right here with me.

Full SongDimitro
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Slower LinesDimitro
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First Ornaments StudyDimitro
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Second phrase OrnamentsDimitro
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