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Singing On Zoom

Following are some Requests and Tips to help yourself and everyone get the most out of this experience.

Muting: The Golden Rule. Please keep yourself muted for the duration of the class portion of the call. My computer will have sound off to minimize live group distractions, so I won't know if someone has unmuted and is making a racket for the rest of the online participants. 

Video Quality: Please keep your video off throughout the class to minimize bandwith overwhelm related glitches. 

Lyrics at the Ready: You can either print the lyrics from this page to use during class, have them pulled up on a phone or other device, or split your screen between the class video and lyrics page.

Volume Management: Plan on adjusting the volume from your end as needed. I highly recommend using headphones or a decent speaker to listen to class for best quality audio. Live singing can be unpredictable volume-wise, and painful if it's too loud, so plan to adjust as we go!

Questions: Because this is a live class with real live participants, it is very likely that any questions you will have will be asked by in-person group members and answered through that. However, if questions come up while learning that aren't asked and answered in the live group, please pop them in the chat IN ALL CAPS and we will review them either between songs or at the end. 

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