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Q: When are classes live-streamed on Zoom?

A: Live classes are Thursdays 7:00-9:00 PM Central Time, January 12 - April 6

Q: What if I have a schedule conflict or can't make the live classes?

A:  All Zoom classes are recorded and uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder, so you are welcome to make up classes at your leisure via class recordings OR with the detailed practice tracks in your online class portal.

Q: What if I have very little singing or no experience?

A: The online version of this course is suitable to singers of all levels. The songs are taught by ear, and while we work with challenging material, you can work at your own pace since you are learning from home. For the most part, no one will hear you singing except for your roommates! 

Q: Will this class be stimulating for me if I'm already a strong singer or choir leader?

A: If you're a choir leader looking to grow into a new vocal technique and/or learn some new material to lead with your groups, this class will provide you with an abundance of materials. We will be singing both shorter community style songs and more challenging material suitable for a wide variety of groups. There truly is something for everyone!

Q: What if I didn't receive the Zoom and Class Portal Links in my inbox? 

A: There are a couple possible reasons for this.

a.) You submitted an incorrectly spelled email address into the registration form.

b.) Your payment did not come through, or you didn't complete registration payment 

c.) Your email inbox storage is full and you can't receive new mail (this is the case shockingly often and is such a sad reason to miss!)

d.) Class links are being sent out in the week before class, so if it's not time yet, sit tight!

Q: What if I can't afford the full amount of any sliding scale tier right now?

A: Accessibility is very important to us, and we're always looking for that sweet spot of keeping programs as accessible as possible AND as sustainable as possible for the long haul. There are several ways we can work together to make something affordable to you. First of all, please read through the Sliding Scale Guidelines to get a sense of where you might fit and ways to think about affordability and reciprocity. From there, you are welcome to reach out and set up installment plans at the rate that works for you.

Q: What is the class refund policy? 

A: Refunds are available up until you receive the links to our class materials - approximately one week before the start of class. Once you've been given access to the class, you will have access indefinitely as the links do not change. For most of my programs, I do not offer refunds because doing so exponentially increases admin workload, and because purchases in the realm of fun, self-care, and education come from leisure / excess funds. 

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