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Here are practice recordings, parts, and lyrics for the  spring repertoire of ember. Please listen a couple times per week. I find the most effective practice strategies are to sing along while reading the words, and eventually, singing your part over individual parts you don't usually sing. For instance, if you sing the upper line on Patskha, try practicing by singing it over just the lower or middle line. Your own part will always be there to reference. Have fun and remember what a great privilege it is to sing and enjoy this music! 

Au Blog


O Culomba 

Shina Vorgil

White Dove

Sede Sedenkya

De sa e chulo

Lem Pero

Okro m'Chedelo


Au blog


bulgarian 2 voice song from the pirin region

Au Blog - Pirin Region
Melody - Au Blog
Drone - Au Blog


Au blog sa se lele.

Au blogale, ii.

i aide, aide, aublagale.





georgian drinking song

Patskha - Georgia
Top Line - Patskha
Middle Line - Patskha
Bottom Line - Patskha

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

Oida patskha mi ors margalishi nanina

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

(orudila dela!) Oida mo-u-na pil pargalishi nanina 

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

Oida wart magha li wart da-bali nanina

Haru-dila wadilavda hey ida he-he-hey

(orudila dela!) Oida ch'ipeh c'hi nu mangarishi nanina





O Culomba

corsican paeghella

O Culomba - Corsican - Whole Song
O Culomba - Segunda
O Culomba - Bass
O Culomba - Tertza

O Culomba le to llabre, 

Sodi petra, a calamita.

Quande tu l'appri e le chjodi

Si cunsuma e la mio vita

Si cunsuma pocu a pocu

Cum e la cera lu focu


shina vorgil

georgian drinking song

Shina Vorgil - Georgian Dance Song
Middle Line - Shina Vorgil
Top Line - Shina Vorgil
Bottom Line - Shina Vorgil

Shina waragili waragili woisah wo, shina wargege.

Waragili, waragili, waragili woisah wo, shina wargege.

Woisahrera woisa worida wo, woisa woisa rera.



white dove

appalachian folk song by carter stanley

White Dove - Appalachian Folk Song
Melody Chorus - White Dove
High Harmony Chorus - White Dove
Low Harmony Chorus - White Dove

Solo: In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia
There's a place that I love so well
Where I spent many days of my childhood
In the cabin where we loved to dwell


White dove will mourn in sorrow
The willows will hang their heads
I'll live my life in sorrow
Since mother and daddy are dead

Duet:  We were all so happy there together
In our peaceful little mountain home
But the Savior needs angels up in heaven
Now they sing around the great white throne

Gents:  As the years roll by I often wonder
If we will all be together someday
And each night as I wander through the graveyard
Darkness finds me as I kneel to pray



sede sedenkya

bulgarian shoppe song

Sede Sedenkya - Shoppe Region
Melody - Sede sedenkya
Drone - Sede sedenkya
Low Harmony - Sede sedenkya

Sede sedenkya shto sede
рa poide da se razturya, рa poide da se razturya. 
Koi s brata, koi s pobratima
Sirota Zanka s nikoga, Sirota Zanka s nikoga
Eta go Gencha ot vrata
Pavati Zanku za ruku, Pavati Zanku za ruku. 
Pavodi vodi ta doma,
Eteti male otmena, Eteti male otmena
Na tatu meka postelya
Na makya bela premena, Na makya bela premena 
Na bratu voda studena,
Na mene bulka zasmena, Na mene bulka zasmena



de sa e chulo

bulgarian rhodope song

De sa e chulo - Rhodope Song
Melody - De sa e chulo
Low Line - De sa e chulo
Middle Line - De sa e chulo

De sa e chulo videlo mari,
Chorna zemya bez voda.
Na edno mesto imashe mari,
I nego moma chuvashe. 
Cheshka za alton davashe mari,
рomina ludo i mlado.



Lem pero

bulgarian shoppe song

Lem Pero - Bulgarian Shoppe
Melody - Lem Pero
Drone - Lem Pero
Low - Lem Pero

Na kogo se driamka dreme da se nenadreme?
Lempero lempempero, gizdava devoiko le-le, moe libe Jano


Na Rada se driamka dreme da se ne nadreme.

Lempero lempempero, gizdava devoiko le-le, moe libe Jano.

Sha i prati dvama, trima, da i churulikat


Nai otishal mlad Nikola da i churulikat.




Okro m'chedelo

georgian folk song

Okro Mchedelo - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo Melody - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo Drone - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo High Harmony - Republic of Georgia

Verse I


1. Okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo (2x)

chit'is nali mip'ovnia, okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo

erti bari gamik'ete, okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo

(Refrain) hoda, ho... oha-i-ralo, ha...ri, hara-lo, haralo (2x)

Vecherai, Rado - Bulgarian Folk Song

These are the first three verses to Vecherai, Rado, a Bulgarian folk song featuring a mysterious conversation between two village people about a rumor circulating that one of them had been knocking on the other's door. 

Teaching Tracks, Lyrics, Translation

Dilmano, Dilbero - Filip Koutev

A Bulgarian Folk Song celebrating the harvest of red peppers, arranged by Filip Koutev. 

Individual Parts

Mnohaya Lita - Ukrainian Song
This traditional Ukrainian celebratory song serves the same function as "Happy Birthday To You" or "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". As a secular song translating roughly to "many years to you,"  it is traditionally sung to a person to express wishes of good health and long life. There are many, many traditional melodies and versions of this song. This is the one as learned at Bread and Puppet in Vermont. Mnohaya Lita is Resound Choir's official epic Birthday song on tap!
Traditional Folk Dresses
Odelah - Republic of Georgia

This 3-part song from the Republic of Georgian is traditionally sung to a spring who has gone dry. I learned this song from Isaac Fosl Van Wyk, who learned it at Bread and Puppet in Vermont. 

Sztoj Pa Moru - Belarusian Folk

Sztoj Pa Moru is a Belarusian folk song made popular in the west by the Polish polyphonic women's ensemble Laboratorium Piesni​The song depicts a flock of swans being dispersed by an eagle, feathers falling into the fields below. See full translation, as well as teaching tracks, by clicking the links below.

Teaching Tracks, Lyrics, Translation

Tibyeh Piom - Russian Hymn

Tibye Payom is a Russian orthodox liturgical hymn by Dimitri Bortnianski. The words mean "We sing to you, we bless you, we give thanks to you, O God."