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     It is a joy and honor to bring the power of song to groups and projects of all kinds. Annie has led songs as a guest facilitator at permaculture design courses, herbal cooperatives, community potlucks, women's retreats, churches, birthworker conferences, high schools, and more. If you'd like to invite Annie to infuse your community with singing by organizing a workshop, send us a message!

    Events can be easily tailored to suit any occasion. Annie has gathered repertoire in a multitude of themes and traditions, and can craft a singing program to accommodate groups and events of all kinds, from paperless songs for church groups, rigorous polyphonic singing, blessing way songs, or fun, soulful tunes for teens.

Why Bring Singing to your Community or Work Place? 

- It's fun! Making music breaks us out of our usual way of being and funnels us directly into the present moment. Singing requires us to use our bodies and brains in a new way and activates the natural, more playful part of ourselves that is able to be fully ourselves, absorb new information, and relate open heartedly with others. 


- Singing with others builds connection in a powerful and unique way. It provides a common ground for people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in creating something  together in a positive, sober social context. The act of gathering ourselves in this way provides fertile ground for relationships of all kinds to sprout and deepen.

- Singing has a magical effect on the relationships you already have. Singing easy to learn, positive songs  with the people in your life can make cleaning up around the house together, giving thanks for the evening meal, or diffusing an argument in the car on the family road trip much more fun and interesting. 

Contact us to discuss possibilities and pricing.

Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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