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by Annie Zylstra

Generosity is a 4-part ode to the silent generosity of plants -- specifically, in their time of full bloom, when pollinators have a round the clock dance party to collect their sweet nectar. Without much notice or credit, the blooming ones, in their yearly dependable successions, quietly provide food, home, beauty, and the possibility of a future for so so many. In the spirit of having useful songs in one's pocket, this is a great tune to keep around to offer as gratitude when you harvest the dear plants you love. 


Bright, reaching up to the sun

Feeding all who hover over your blossoming love

All unfolding -

All the life you give in blooming, we can't even know.

Melody - Generosity
Harmony 1 - Generosity
Harmony 2 - Generosity
Harmony 3 - Generosity
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