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Private Voice Study

If you're curious about cultivating a personal vocal practice and discovering what ungleaned gifts await you in the unexplored realms of your voice, a private voice lesson regimen may be of use to you!

Anni approaches voice study and growth as a practice: a practice of slowing down, getting curious, growing  our awareness, and increasing the degree of intentionality and range of options from which we can use our multifaceted, magnificent, and most natural voices. 


Anni believes anyone can sing, and that healthy, beautiful singing is something that can be learned and cultivated rather than an inherent 'talent' or lack thereof. Because singing is a physiological activity, it is more athletic than intellectual in nature, and regular practice creates new physical patterns in the body that over time and practice, help us establish healthy singing and meet our vocal goals.


Also due to its athletic nature, singing offers the body a number of physiological benefits, including oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphin creation, lymphatic and vagus nervous system stimulation, increased breath capacity, and more! Many people also report experiencing increased confidence, greater comfort with a wider range of personal expression, and a greater sense of self-world connection when partaking in a regular singing practice.

Anni is excited about supporting singers at any place in their vocal journey: whether you are newly unfurling your voice into the mere possibility of singing / greater expression, a seasoned singer looking to stretch into new vocal territories and improve your artistry, or someone simply wanting a few lessons to improve your karaoke game.

With more than a decade of vocal training within various pedagogies - classical, opera, western choral, jazz, folk traditions - Anni brings a wide range of tools and methods when it comes to vocal technique and instruction. Her teaching style is upbeat, both reverent and irreverent, and meticulously thorough, with open, honest communication and open lines of feedback invited in both directions.


 In recent years, Anni has been highly focused on studying singing traditions from Eastern Europe, and her teaching is especially suited to singers looking to explore folk singing in the forward, bright voice placement of the Balkans, Ukraine, and other areas of northern Europe. That said, she is ready to support and guide to students in whatever musical realms and traditions they are interested in, and is most interested in following students' lead in their own learning.

How frequently a person schedules lessons is totally up to the individual student's needs, desires, and goals. Lessons can be regular, semi-regular, one-time, short or long-term. Vocal professionals may desire more regular lessons to keep themselves in shape, whereas students with more personal or exploratory goals may desire just a few lessons to learn more about their voices. Typically, a little bit of attention and practice goes a long way when it comes to voice studies, and no student is expected to schedule lessons forever!  

Details & Booking

Lessons are 45 minutes long and are available on Zoom in Central Time, or in-person on our farm outside of Bloomingdale, WI. Thanks to technology, I find online singing lessons are essentially just as good as in-person ones, or better because you get to save yourself a drive! 

Lessons are $65 per 45-minute session, or $50 per session for ongoing, current members of my singing classes.

To book, send me an email with Voice Lessons in the subject line telling me a little about yourself as a singer, your goals for a private voice study, about how many sessions you imagine you may want if we are a good fit, along with some days and times that would work well for you to meet and I will reply within a week.

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