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We are an all-voices-welcome singing community

for women of all orientations, phases of life, and backgrounds.



Whether you love to sing or you're a recovering non-singer, you're invited to gather weekly in this welcoming and supportive community of women and mamas, simply for the joy of it. Come to choir to make new friends, exercise your voice, gather skills in listening and singing, look at fatly bundled babies, and soak up the many wonderful health benefits of singing without the pressures of a traditional 'choir'!

You'll learn rounds, harmony songs, and fun songs to sing at home all in the oral tradition, a call and response style of learning that is accessible to all. We are a non-audition 'choir' and no prior singing experience is necessary! Mamas of the group are invited to bring babes in arms or children 7 and up to come along for the fun.

Every class ends with half an hour of tea time!

Watercolor Leaves

"Playful. Welcoming. Supportive. Non-judgemental. Uplifting. Nurturing. Inspiring."

Lesbian Couple with Baby

"There is absolutely nothing like women of all ages coming together to enjoy one another's company over the sweet simplicity of singing together. When I look around the circle each week and see shining faces aged 0 - 80 singing, I have to pinch myself to know it's real!" 

-Annie, Choir Leader

 Who Are We?

We are a wide range of women from all phases of life. We are postpartum mamas with babies, childless young adults, retired women, homeschooled kids, delectable grandmas, professional women, teen and tween girls, gender queer and non-binary folk who love the coziness of women-centric spaces, busy moms who rarely get to do something for ourselves, and more. Some of us are confident singers, even professional musicians! But many of us arrive very shy to sing in a group, and in some cases haven't done so in decades! This is perfectly wonderful. Wherever you're at in your own journey of voice, you are invited to this space to rest back in the beautiful ease of the whole, supported by your sisters. Some of us are confident singers, even professional musicians! 

 All Are Welcome.

In order to ensure all are truly welcome to  enjoy the magic of this group, we commit to upholding an explicitly queer + trans affirming and antiracist ethos that weaves its way through everything we do and stand for as a community. As an organization, we are committed to the lifelong work of self educating and dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia, ablism, agism, and all oppression wrought by a capitalist society built on stolen land and labor. We commit to supporting BIPOC run organizations with our events and dollars. So far, we have raised money for incarcerated birthing people and southern black queers with our concerts and Big Sings, and plan to continue to share our resources with folks doing vital anti-oppression work. Currently, this network of choirs is run by a white, cis gender woman, and we acknowledge that in and of itself may be a force of oppression unwelcoming to BIPOC community members. 


BIPOC community members are invited if they so choose to use the Reparations element of the sliding scale, a more specific aspect of our scholarship fund, which seeks to be a physical acknowledgement that we are singing on stolen lands built from the involuntary labor of black and indigenous people whose voices have been silenced and undermined for centuries. We recognize the magnitude of what it is to simply BE as a BIPOC in this country today and hope this pricing option can make it easy to access the joy, self care, and community available through this group.


    "Such a beautiful gathering of women, children and voices. The very first day I left feeling blissed-out, and by the end I had made many friends. Singing has become one of my favorite things to do! I catch myself humming or singing the beautiful songs we learned daily."

Join Us! 

"I look forward to coming to choir each week! Annie creates a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel totally comfortable, no matter your experience level." 

"This has been a wonderfully connecting experience for me and something beautiful to share with my daughter. Singing with Annie and this group has really been a gift for us. Singing is scary for me, but I love it."

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