Decorah, IA
Spring Term
10 Weeks: March 5 - May 7
Thursdays 10:30 - 12:00
The Lingonberry
Decorah, IA
Full Term: $50 - $150
Drop-in (first 3 classes only): $10


1. All participants must pre-register for the session. Drop-ins are welcome for $10 / class for the first three dates of the season, and then we close the group to members only. Please pre-register below or by sending an email to or calling 563-382-8013 if you'd like to drop-in on a session. Space is limited.

2. Babes in arms and children who will be participating in the singing are warmly welcome to join us for our weekly classes. Toddlers or non-singing kids are welcome if they are able to stay engaged in quiet activity near their parent during our hour of singing. While kids are welcome, our time together is not a group play date. If you have a child who you think might struggle to stay occupied for our hour of singing, consider what you may need in order for you and the whole group to fully participate with ease.  Maybe it means your child has an hour long playdate at a friends house during your singing time. Maybe it means collaborating with other parents on an hour of childcare during class. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! 

3. As a rule, always try to arrive a few minutes before class begins. This morning is for you, and being on time allows you and your co-singers to make the most of it. 


4. Consider bringing a water bottle to choir. One of the simplest ways to support your voice as you sing is to stay hydrated during each class.


5. Each class has built in tea time for half an hour at the end to help us build our community! 


6. Let us know if you will be late or are unable to attend a session. It is absolutely fine to miss a class. 


7. Feeding or offering your child snacks during choir is absolutely fine if needed. You're encouraged to bring soft, noise-free toys and drawing materials


8. We will spend time both sitting and standing in class. You are always welcome to make yourself comfortable as you need.


Choir dues operate on a sliding scale basis -- $50 - $150. Participants are invited to choose the amount that feels both generous and affordable for them. Dues cover 15 hours of class time, facilitator expenses, venue cost, taxes, and feeds the ongoing thread of possibility and liveliness of the group. No one is turned away for lack of funds! Be in touch if you'd like to arrange a payment plan, or need another option regarding dues. For full sliding scale guidelines and payment information, see the registration form below.

Venue Information: 


The Lingonberry: 218 W Water Street, Downtown Decorah. Abundant street parking is available.

spring Term Dates:

Every Thursday morning for 10 weeks: March 5 - May 7

Meet Your Group Leader

Songleader Liz Rog believes that singing together is a simple and powerful tool for restoring our sense of belonging and connection in community. She sings with all ages, teaching songs that can be woven into everyday life, into the seasons of the year, and into the changes and challenges of our lives.  Liz delights in helping folks rediscover their ancestral birthright of group singing to nurture collective joy, courage and healing. She and her husband Daniel Rotto raised two daughters in the Driftless of Northeast Iowa and are part of a national movement to re-seed communities with songs for connection, care, and renewal.

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