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Dry Leaf

Original Songs for Community singing

Dry Leaf

Access recordings, lyrics, and teaching materials for all of Anni's original rounds and layer songs for community choirs and song circles!  Follow the instructions below to receive the password for all available materials.

Personal Use:

 If you want to access these recordings for personal use, i.e. listening or singing in a not-for-profit setting, you're invited to make a sliding scale donation using the instructions below of between $15 and $50.

Professional Use:

All my community music and the work I've put into sharing it has come from a place of authentic creative expression and love for community. These works were not created with commercial intent, and so if you decide to utilize these materials in a commercial or for-profit setting, I request a licensing fee: 2.5% of the takeaway per choir season or event per feature song, and .5% for warm-up songs.  Back pay for previous use is welcome.

Due to the growing commercialization of community singing and continued informal nature of how creative work is compensated in this industry, I recommend proactively offering this licensing fee to all your season's song writers, and to generally pay those whose creative labor supports your income equitably. 


• Click the Submit button below to send your donations/fees via Paypal.

Or, Venmo @anniezylstra your amount using the friends transaction option. 

 • Whichever service you use, you must enter a current and correct email address in the payment comment box before your submit your donation! Donations that come without a current & accurate email address in the comments will not be sent the passcode. 

Thank you for singing.

Dry Leaf
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