My willow backpacks are some of my most trusty and beloved companions in life. A lot of times, when folks ask me about commissioning a backpack, they describe all of the foraging and plant harvest adventures they are planning for their backpack. But in my own experience, my packs are with me for much, much more than just plant adventures in the woods. In fact, there is almost nowhere I go without a basket on my back these days. There's always one next to me in the cafe holding binders and computer doo-dads while I do my office work. They're with me at every grocery, hardware, or thrift store visit, acting as both purse and shopping bag. Every little outing, big and small, a trusty willow pack holds the water bottle, the snacks, the knife, the extra sweater, the boring DMV paperwork, AND of course, the artist conks or wild plums ethically harvested whilst out for a walk. If you bring a pack basket into your life, I encourage you to use your lifelong woven friend well beyond the scope of the woods. But I warn you, people will stop you everywhere you go, entranced by the magic of this woven vessel on your back! I honestly find wearing a backpack everywhere I go to be such a refreshing way to disrupt business as usual and make connections with people I may not normally meet. Sit back and watch the world open as all kinds of people approach you after feeling a small glimmer of a world deep in their ancestral memory, where handmade vessels and a life connected to plants were the norm and not the exception.  Watch as your basket serves as a tool for remembrance, not just for you, but for everyone you come across!

I have one available willow pack at this time. More will be available in my fall sale, so stay tuned! 

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Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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