Willow packs are sturdy, light, and long lasting containers that add beauty and function to your days. Each willow pack is one of a kind. My own pack baskets are some of my most trusty and beloved companions in life. In fact, there is almost nowhere I go without a basket on my back these days. Every little outing, big and small, a trusty willow pack holds the water bottle, the snacks, the grocery, the knife, the surprise mushroom harvest, the extra sweater, the boring DMV paperwork. I should warn you in advance, if you start wearing a pack basket at all times, people will stop you everywhere you go, entranced by the magic of this woven vessel on your back! While funny and sometimes annoying, I mostly find this dynamic a refreshing way to disrupt business as usual and make connections with people I may not normally meet. Baskets have a mysterious way of opening new worlds, as if they offer a small glimmer of a world deep within an ancestral memory anyone can feel; a world where connection to the things we use in our daily lives was not a novelty but just the way things were. 


artemis pack

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river pack

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sapling pack

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rosa rugosa

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wapato pack

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seaweed pack

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milkweed pack

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Click on the packs below for pricing, details, and photos. Then fill out the form at the bottom of the page to claim your basket. The baskets are first come first serve, so whichever name is on the form first is the buyer. If you were the first to get your name on the form, I will reach out via email shortly! Payments can be made through Venmo, Paypal friends and family, or Cash with in-person pick up. Thank you! 

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