Practice Tracks

in tentative order

Retro Girls
Most Beautiful Sky
by Jennifer Levenhagen
arranged by Annie Zylstra 

Most beautiful sky,

I see how you change each day,

And each day remain.

Most Beautiful Sky - Jennifer Levenhagen
Melody - Most Beautiful Sky
Drone - Most Beautiful Sky
Middle Harmony - Most Beautiful Sky

All Ye Singers

arranged by Tina Fillipino

All ye singers and non-singers, come and join your voice with us now

We'll sing some songs, some chants and rounds, and we will have a lot of fun! 

We'll sing some harmony together, it always makes us feel much better. You need no tools, just comfy shoes, and drink some water stay on top of hydration.

If you've been told you're singing out of key, then our choir's the place for you to be. We love to sing! So come and join us find out for yourself! 

At three locations once a week, come once, come twice, or come to all three! You're welcome in our community!

All Ye Singers - Full Song
All Ye Singers - Tenor
All Ye Singers - Bass
All Ye Singers - Soprano
All Ye Singers - Alto
The Earth Opened in the Spring
A round for spring set to part of the poem "Rising" by Wendell Berry. Composer unknown.
The earth opened in the spring, opens in all springs
Nameless, ancient, many-lived we reach
Through the ages with the seed.
The Earth Opened in the Spring - Unknown

Okro Mchedelo

Republic of Georgia


1. Okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo (2x)

chit'is nali mip'ovnia, okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo

erti bari gamik'ete, okro mch'edelo, mch'edelo

(Refrain) hoda, ho... oha-i-ralo, ha...ri, hara-lo, haralo (2x)

Okro Mchedelo - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo Melody - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo Drone - Republic of Georgia
Okro Mchedelo High Harmony - Republic of Georgia

Unto This Land

by Helen Yeomans

Unto this land my heart I seal

to always love and cherish as my own.

And through my veins her crystal waters flow

to the ocean of my soul.

Unto this land I shall return

when all my days upon this earth are done. 

And in her arms I'll lay my body down 

and my heart will find its home. 

Unto This Land - Helen Yeomans
Melody - Unto This Land
Soprano Line - Unto This Land
Alto Line - Unto This Land
Bass Line - Unto This Land


Heidi Wilson

Drip, drip, drip drippy drippy

Skunks are comin' out, ooooo they're comin' out. Skunks are comin' out to find some food. 

I can hear the creek flowin', I can smell the sap boilin', I can feel the sun shinin', drip, drip, drip.

Little Bird

Travis Puntarelli

Little bird, little bird, little bird calling x3

Where'm'I gonna lay my head? 

In the pine, in the pine, in the pine, soft pine x3

Where'm'I gonna lay my head? 

Underneath the pine tree, you can lie here with me. Where'm'I gonna lay my head? 

Little Bird - Travis Puntarelli

Hot Knife

Fiona Apple

1. If I'm butter if I'm butter, if I'm butter than he's a hot knife, 
He makes my heart a cinema scope screen showing a dancing bird of paradise.
2. I'm a hot knife, I'm a hot knife. I'm a hot knife, he's a pad of butter.
When I get a chance I'm gonna show him that he's never gonna need another never need another. 
3. You can, you can, you can relax around me. 
Chorus: He excites me, must be like the genesis of rhythm. I get feisty, whenever I'm with him.
Hot Knife - Fiona Apple
Moonlight - Mark Growden


Mark Growden

Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight, moonlight

Red Cave


I went out past the willow and the well,

caught my breath upon the hill at the edge of the domain.

And I went down and further, and when I got up, I'm at the Red Cave,

And without sound as if I had been put under a spell,

she led me to her abode, despite a winter's day.

Mary's house in the hollow of the white hazel rapid whirpool

and the Church of Hurricane.

I'm so blessed to have spent the time with my family and the friends I love in this short life I have met so many people that I deeply care for.

Red Cave - Yeasayer

Tibyeh Pieyom

A Russian Sacred Liturgical Hymn

Tibyeh pieyom, Tibya blagoslovim,

Tibya blagodarim, Gospodi.

Ee molim tibyeh Bojenash, Ee molim tibyeh Bojenash,

Ee molim tibyeh Bojenash Gospodi. 

Amen, Amen, Amen.

Full Song - Tibyeh Pieyom
Soprano - Tibyeh Pieyom
Alto - Tibyeh Pieyom
Bass - Tibyeh Pieyom
Tenor - Tibyeh Pieyom

Mno Hiyalita

A Ukrainian Celebratory Song

Our Encore! Please tell your family and friends attending to ask us for an encore. If they don't we will self serve! 

Mnohaya Lita - Ukrainian Song
Songs to be sung with the whole crowd after we are finished with the above:
O Light Abide - Quaker Round
+ one top secret song that will be a surprise to you!