Resound is a queer-friendly, multigenerational,

all-voices-welcome community choir.

All are welcome to experience the joy of singing in a fun, supportive community setting. You're invited whether you're an old time choir veteran or you've never sung outside your own shower. People of all ages, genders, non-genders, orientations, backgrounds, income levels, and abilities are welcome! 


Resound is a unique community choir experience in that there are no auditions, no pressure for performance, and no binders of sheet music to keep track of. Many of our members self identify as non-singers before joining, and end the term enlivened by and reacquainted with their inner musician. All repertoire is taught on the spot in the aural tradition--a call and response way of sharing that makes singing accessible to all and allows us to drop more easily into the sheer experience of singing.  


Mondays  7 - 9 PM

March 2 - May 11


Madison, WI

photo of honorary Resound members singing at Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

 by Carolyn Bunge                       


We sing rounds, traditional European polyphony, English harmony songs, shapenote, fun arrangements of artists like Fiona Apple or Fleet Foxes, easy songs that are musically delicious and quickly learned that can be woven into the rhythm of daily life. Our repertoire is designed to support the growth of a healthy, inclusive, uplifting community that is safe and welcoming to all. We honor the origins of our songs by naming their composers, the places where they come from, and the stories that accompany them. We seek to participate in the decolonization of music by asking questions about what we sing and why, through not 'taking' the music of oppressed cultures, but celebrating the beauty and learning from other cultures when appropriate. Peruse our Song Library to get a taste of the kinds of songs we sing.

* In order to ensure all are truly welcome to come and join the magic of this group, we commit to upholding an explicitly antiracist ethos that weaves its way through everything we do and stand for. We want and need voices of all kinds to be a part of making beauty through singing in this world, and we commit to doing what it takes to create not just a safe, but a delightful, creative container for all voices - POC voices, indigenous voices, trans voices, teen voices, non-binary voices, elder voices, femme voices, voices of wind and bird speech. A scholarship fund meant to help facilitate even small a act of reparations is available for POC, as well as any one who should need it, upon request. 

Words from the Members


"Raising my voice with other beautiful souls has become an entirely new reason for being."

"Singing is like my magical meditation. This choir makes me feel like the world will be okay amidst the chaos."

"I've loved finding my voice, in the company of many voices."

"My heart swells as we soften, sing, and listen."


  1. All participants must pre-register for the spring session. Space is limited.  

  2. Do your best to arrive a little before our start time. We will begin promptly at 7:00. This time is for you, and being on time allows you and your co-singers to make the most of it. 

  3. This is an all-inclusive community. We offer welcome and support to everyone and anyone who comes to sing, regardless of their age, gender identity, background, political beliefs, or musical ability. Members are invited to arrive each week in the spirit of curiosity, kindness, and remembrance of why it matters to gather in this way. All members commit to work together to cocreate a safe environment for all people to explore song and community. 

  4. Always ask if you'd like to touch another person at choir. Be prepared for and celebrate a "no" if you receive one. Simple touch is occasionally invited during certain warmup activities, and you will always have an opportunity to opt out of those experiences if you like, with no pressure.

  5. Be sure to bring a water bottle with you! Healthy singing requires proper hydration.

  6. Let us know if you will be late or are unable to attend a session. It is absolutely fine to miss a session. 

  7. We will spend time both sitting and standing.   

  8. Recordings for this session's songs can be found HERE


Choir dues operate on a sliding scale basis -- $115 - $160. Choose the amount that works for you! Dues cover 20 hours of class time, online recordings, facilitator travel and expenses, venue cost, special events, and feeds the ongoing thread of possibility and liveliness of the group. No one is turned away for lack of funds! Need-based scholarships are available upon request. For full payment information and sliding scale guidelines, including the in-person cash payment pricing, view our registration form below! *Refunds available up to the term start date only.*


Maiahaus is a converted church community arts space located at 402 E Mifflin, Madison. Arrive with plenty of time to find street parking. Carpooling encouraged!



March 2 - May 11

The spring season will close Monday May 11 with a community sharing of our music for family, friends, and the wider community to celebrate all we've done together, share in the joy with us, and replenish our choir scholarship fund! 


Note: The Spring Term is currently closed to new members.

The spring season of choir filled in record time and registration is closed for new members. There is usually some member turnover at the beginning of the semester, so do get on our waiting list in the form below and stay tuned about spaces opening up for you. If you'd like to learn about other singing events in Madison, send us a message and we will put you in the loop! Thank you for your interest, and we hope to have you in our community soon! Remember, if you're a woman/femme-identifying person with Tuesday mornings free, you're welcome to join Morning Glory Choir on Tuesday mornings!

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