Full Bloom

Welcome to Part 1 of my summer basket sale. This collection includes hand baskets and handled harvest baskets, all woven in late spring and early summer with primarily feral-tended willows in the wetlands of the Driftless region, traditional homeland of the Ho-Chunk and Anishinaabe. This first round will be shipped within 2 weeks of purchase, after which packs, hip baskets, and a few more hand baskets will be available in Part 2 of the summer basket sale. Thank you so much for being here and beholding these gentle vessels in the season of blooms.

To claim a basket in the sale, fill out the form at the bottom of the sale page with your basket of choice, mailing address, and payment option. The first person to enter the form for each basket wins. You will be contacted shortly if you are the winner. If I don't hear back within 3 hours, I'll move on to the next submission. Click on the photo of the basket you're interested in for dimensions, shipping details, etc.