Sapling Pack


$225 + $35 shipping

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This intricate bite-sized pack is an all time favorite for good reason. Perfect for taking out on the town or on your day hike, this small but mighty vessel will bring much magic and joy to your days for years to come. The willows in this pack are coppiced by me on public lands and grown on the nearby farm of a friend - Willow Glen in Decorah, IA. The straps are a new and experimental design, and I will eagerly await your feedback. The basket's fit can be adjusted with a simple deerskin tie which can be tied looser or tighter. Fill out the form below to claim this pack.

Shipping prices are all approximate. If shipping is overshot on an order, I will refund the difference. I also encourage you to take advantage of free pick up if you can! We can get creative.

Dimensions: 11" deep x 9" across

Strapped with black walnut-dyed felted wool and deerskin.