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Sing the Way!
by Annie Zylstra

Sing the Way is a 4-part question and soft answer to the question: What can we do to be of service in these times of social unraveling, cultural upheaval, and unprecedented degradation of natural systems? Overwhelm and despair can easily overtake a person wishing to remain present and engaged in the mass collective grief of this moment in human history. And there is so much we don't yet know about what the future holds. In a container of uncertainty with despair in one direction and apathy in another, what else is there do but arm ourselves with curiosity and just get down to doing what we know how to do as alively as we can? For me, it means singing our way through whatever comes and whatever is in the meantime. We make the road by walking. What we love is the question and the answer. It is all we have. Let's sing the way together!

Sing the Way - Annie Zylstra
Sing the Way Melody - Annie Zylstra
Sing the Way Melody Response - Annie Zylstra
Sing the Way Engine - Unknown Artist
Sing the Way Descant - Annie Zylstra


 Oh, where are we going to, and how do we belong?

For now I'll just be here with you, make a home inside this song.

If we don't know we'll take our songs

and sing the way together inside this song.

Don't know where to go, or how to belong.

For now I'm here with you, inside this song.

Sing the way, sing the way, sing the way sing the way!!

Sing the way, sing the way! Inside this song!

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