Are you ready to start a singing group or choir in your community? Need some support as you embark on this beautiful and nerve wracking adventure? 

Becoming a song sharer or community choir leader can be one of the most rewarding things you decide to do in your life. Choosing to inhabit your own voice as a leader can be both terrifying and thrilling. The vulnerability and strength required to stand in front of a group of people and share your intimate self in this way takes getting used to for many, but ultimately becomes the anchor on which your singers are able to do the same, allowing powerful and transformational bonds of community to emerge. 

For many budding leaders, this many-faceted process can be a lonely one if you are working outside a team or partnership. Whether you are brand-new to sharing songs or a well established choir leader looking for a supportive place to trouble shoot, be heard, and ultimately, guided into the fullness of what you want to be offering based on your own gifts and inner knowing, support is available! 


Based on seven years of song sharing in the context of strong mentorship and community practice, Annie is delighted to help midwife new singing groups and leaders into the world. Her four lively community choirs continue to grow and succeed in nurturing strong voices and community in the context of beautiful, big-hearted music and leadership, AND pay the bills! Annie's listening skills, clarity of vision, good-humor, and experience in this work make her a fun and supportive force for any budding leader or group. 

Affordable support for you,  wherever you are! 

45 minutes / $30 

90 minutes / $60

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