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traditional folk songs

This collection of songs from various European folk traditions has been thoughtfully collected and compiled over the years and were primarily learned in immersive oral tradition learning environments from carriers of the cultural heritages this music lives within. This wing of the library is for folks looking for some basic learning of songs from the rich musical traditions of northern and eastern European oral folk music, or for community choir leaders and other cultural teachers looking to incorporate these styles of singing into their own classes and groups. This library is no substitute for real life song learning with teachers (especially elders), be it virtually or in the very lands from which these songs emerged. For more in depth and guided learning of songs from these traditions with Anni, view our courses page for existing or upcoming folk singing courses. A percentage of funds driven from this page are donated to Anni's teachers or other organizations keeping these folk traditions alive in their countries of origin. Feel free to reach out directly with any questions about anything you find here via our contact page! Thank you for singing these songs and helping keep them alive.

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