Vecherai, Rado
A Bulgarian Folk Song

Vecherai, Rado, vecherai, Rado,

vecherai, Rado, mari, vănka izlizaj...


Ta si ta pitam, ta si ta pitam,

ta si ta pitam, mari, ti čula li si...


Ti čula li si, ti čula li si

Ti čula li si, mari, Za men da gacjor, 


Sit down, have Supper, Rada*

I want to ask you, mari, haven't you heard...

Someone talking about me, Rada, around the village...

That I've been going, mari, and I've been knocking...

And I've been knocking, mari, on people's doors...

On people's doors, Rada, and on your door.

Note: In choir, we are learning only the first three verses of the Bulgarian lyrics. There are four more verses in the original song. This is the translation for the whole song.

All Parts:


Vecherai, Rado - Bulgarian Folk

Middle Line:

Vecherai, Rado - Melody Line

Low Line:

Vecherai, Rado - Middle Line
Vecherai, Rado - Low Line