Morning Glory Choir Songs


Here is a growing list of song recordings for the winter and spring sessions of Morning Glory Choir! The songs will appear as we learn them, so check back for more as the session continues. All recordings are homemade with very simple technology, so be ready for any kind of quality.

Nettles - Kelly Hogan
A favorite spring song celebrating the ever-magical and abundant Nettle, learned from Kelly Hogan in Portland, OR. 
In the spring the nettles return, gifting love and fiery burn.
In the spring the nettles return, strong medicine to help us learn
Spring sting, pay attention, spring sting, slow down.
Willow Bend - Annie Zylstra

Willow Bend came with the huge, immeasurable blessing that is knowing willow--the amazingly resilient, beautiful, abundant, sweet smelling, diverse plant herself,--and weaving willow into vessels with eager learning hands. A song for harvesting, weaving, or just loving on this wondrous, giving plant.

Teaching Tracks

The Earth Opened in the Spring - Unknown
A round for spring set to part of the poem "Rising" by Wendell Berry. If anyone has any information about the composer of this tune, please be in touch. 
The earth opened in the spring, opens in all springs
Nameless, ancient, many-lived we reach
Through the ages with the seed.
Dosiwalips Love Song - Gretchen Sleicher
This beautiful 4-part layer song was gathered by Gretchen Sleicher of Port Townsend, WA at the Dosiwalips River in Washington.
Mother Gone to Glory - Primitive Baptist Song

Mother Gone to Glory is an Appalachian Primitive Baptist, or shape note song, adapted into 2-parts for Morning Glory Choir from a Suzannah Park arrangement. 

Teaching Tracks

Only in Silence - Urlula K. Leguin

Only in Silence, a round with words from Ursula K. Leguin from her Earth Sea trilogy. If anyone has information on how this melody came to be, please share with me! 

Only in silence the word, only in dark the light

Only in dying life, bright the hawk's flight on the empty sky

Red Cave - Yeasayer

This is an acapella version of the band Yeasayer's song Red Cave. The song was inspired by Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, a church in Wales that happens to have the longest name of any word in any language. The name roughly translates to: “Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave”. I originally learned this song from Ida Rotto around a campfire at the first ever Village Fire in 2013. 

I went out past the willow and the well,

caught my breath upon the hill at the edge of the domain.

And I went down and further, and when I got up, I'm at the Red Cave,

And without sound as if I had been put under a spell,

she led me to her abode, despite a winter's day.

Mary's house in the hollow of the white hazel rapid whirpool

and the Church of Hurricane.

I'm so blessed to have spent the time with my family and the friends I love in this short life I have met so many people that I deeply care for.

Hot Knife - Fiona Apple
Hot Knife is an exhilarating layer song by none other than Fiona Apple. Apple's original song includes use of he/him pronouns only, but choir members are welcome to flex into whatever pronouns they wish to sing in this song. 
If I'm butter if I'm butter, if I'm butter than he's a hot knife, 
He makes my heart a cinema scope screen showing a dancing bird of paradise.
I'm a hot knife, I'm a hot knife. I'm a hot knife, he's a pad of butter.
When I get a chance I'm gonna show him that he's never gonna need another never need another. 
You can, you can, you can relax around me. 
He excites me, must be like the genesis of rhythm. I get feisty, whenever I'm with him.
Open My Heart - Ana Hernandez
Open My Heart is a beautiful three-part layer song by Ana Hernandez, composer, musician, and collaborator with Music that Makes Community.