Wapato Pack


$335 + $50 shipping

free pick up available 

Dare I say, this is the coziest basket of this bunch? This monochromatic, silvery-purple wild willow basket is full of movement that comes together is a delightfully round, snug shape that hugs and compliments any body. This midsized basket is stout and sturdy and ready for whatever adventures you have in store. The sagittal pattern moving across the bust of this basket evokes the Wapato beds that grow in the wetlands near where the willows in this pack are coppiced. I would love to fill this basket with a bunch of fresh Wapato tubers! Fill out the form below to claim.

Shipping prices are all approximate. If shipping is overshot on an order, I will refund the difference. I also encourage you to take advantage of free pick up if you can! We can get creative. 

Dimensions: 17" deep x 11" across

Strapped with cowhide leather and stainless steel.