thank you

For being here. For saying yes to being woven together in this life with me in whatever way we are. For offering the support of witness, of friendship, of singing together, possibly even of opening your home to a willow basket woven with song and love. Being in relationship with the wild willows feeds and enlivens my life and work in so many ways, and my intention in sharing them in this way is that the life giving quality of these plants and the beautiful vessels they become can warm your lives and homes in the way they have mine.


As many of you know, a strong focus of mine is creating and carrying songs in the oral tradition to build community and lively culture where I live. Studying with skilled teachers and traveling to get to them has been a major part of my continued learning as I strive to keep my offerings and songleading juicy. These ventures are often gargantuan and always self-funded.  Entering my second year of weaving willow baskets, a readiness to share these creations with the wider world has met my looking for ways to help support and make my learning journeys more sustainable, blossoming into this particular sharing. In this way, the weaving feeds the weaving; the plants feed the songs; the willow blistered hands feed the invisible threads of connection formed in this ancient art of joining voices. 

Whether you take home a basket or not, I thank you deeply for being here, for being in this supportive thread of connection to this work I bring forth in the world.  

Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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