Looking to bring the power of Song to your community? 

   Annie has facilitated workshops for a wide variety of groups and organizations over the years. Whether you're looking to ignite a culture of group singing in your community or to bring a lively and connective element to a conference, gathering, or your workplace, a harmony singing workshop is an accessible, enlivening opportunity for participants of all ages and abilities to explore themselves and one another in a highly unique way. Below are some examples of workshop models and past events. Get in touch to discuss possibilities and pricing. 


Choose a Workshop!

    The following are four models of possible workshops based on length and depth. Programming and pricing for all workshops are flexible. A basic pricing sample for a typical organizational workshop hire is $250/ hour + facilitator expenses and travel.

Harmony Singing I 

  an hour and a half of skillfully facilitated aural tradition style singing for groups of all sizes and abilities, in a theme of your choice.  a great introductory one-off for new groups, folks meeting their voices for the first time, or for those looking for a  playful, connective community outing. rounds, layer songs, and harmony songs on the simpler side. 

Day Long

  a full day of spacious, focused learning and singing in the aural tradition. a day long workshop of any kind offers an opportunity for a more in-depth look into healthy singing practices and takes participants on an extended journey of voice, self, and community with material of varying themes and complexity. as always, material and theme of a day long workshop can be formed to fit any group or subject matter.

Harmony Singing II

  a three hour workshop of skillfully facilitated aural tradition style singing for groups of all sizes and abilities that allows participants a chance to dig deeper into song material and techniques for supported singing. a good opportunity for existing choirs or groups to deepen their personal and community singing practice.

Full weekend

  a full weekend of harmony singing in the aural tradition. a weekend workshop can take a number of shapes within the basic format of vocal play, community building, song alchemy, and group as well as self exploration. the specifics of a weekend workshop can be crafted to meet any group's interest and needs. of all workshop lengths, a full weekend offers the best opportunity for in-depth connecting and learning.