So amazing this choir of
           socks, shoes, shirts, skirts,                                                          undergarments,

earth, sky, suns, and moons.

        No wonder I too, now,
sing all day.


Morning Glory Choir

Oct. 2 - Dec. 18

Resound Choir

Oct. 7 - Dec. 16

Morning Glory Choir

Oct. 8 - Dec. 10

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Our lively and bustling choirs filled in record time this season. We want as many people as possible to have access to positive, community building singing experiences, so we are always working to expand our capacity to include more of you. If you'd like to be the first to know when spring choirs begin to get your name on the roster, sign up to be on our mailing list! 

In Song

   Singing is utterly human. For as long as we have been, we have sung together; sung for joy, for creating and preserving culture, to tell important stories, to enliven social movements, to remember, to grieve, to celebrate, to share. Something inexplicable happens when we weave ourselves into one heaping basket of sound. Walls give way to bridges, song becomes a gateway for more understanding, trust, and solidarity between separate strands of selves. In a world hungry for collective experiences of joy and belonging, something so simple as singing together becomes a radical act of rebellion against the divisive forces of our time. When done together, a simple song becomes a vital tool for recreating healthy culture in our personal, family, and community lives; and it is vibrant people and communities that make up the fabric of a healthy world!

Based in the vibrant Driftless bioregion of the Upper Midwest, Heartland Harmony is network of community choirs, roving workshops, singing camps, and a resource for old and new polyphonic songs from around the world for oral tradition style singing. Created by singer and facilitator Annie Zylstra, Heartland Harmony has worked in collaboration with the National Prison Doula Project, Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects, the Possibility Alliance, Singing Mamas U.K., and in a wide variety of church, school, professional, community, and nature connection projects. Annie currently leads three polyphonic community choirs in Wisconsin and appears at singing camps around the country and world. You can hear some of Annie's original songs for groups in our song library, contact us to book a choir or workshop, or find an upcoming event here!  


Heartland Harmony

Viroqua, WI

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