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I have reached capacity for this round of orders, but you can watch

your inbox for when the next  round opens up for pre-order! Thank you!


A  handful of made-to-order hip-baskets ready for all your late summer adventuring, be it in the berry patch or the farmer's market!


Choose your shape and weave style, and I will weave up your custom basket with wild-tended willows from the wetlands near my home. 


Please use the comment section in the form to indicate preferences around things like size -- i.e. I am a large person who may want a slightly larger fannypack! If you comment with specific color requests, know that they may not be able to be fulfilled as stock of each willow variety varies throughout the year.

Basket pricing is listed in the design option field on the order form.

US Shipping is $15, International Shipping is at-cost. 

If you'd like to use Paypal for the transaction, there is a $10 fee. 

Orders will be made and shipped out before the end of August.

NOTE: These baskets are woven with regeneratively harvested natural materials, which can and will break down over time. These vessels are 100% compostable, but if properly cared for, can last for several generations. Store in a dark, cool place when not in use, and avoid getting wet. Heavier use means heavier wear, so handle your basket gently during and between uses to help it last as long as possible.

If you're purchasing a basket containing dogwood (pink-purple-red hues) know that this special plant is woven fresh, rather than cured and resoaked like the willow, and that the colors may change more drastically over time. Also, dogwood bark is more prone to peel than willow, so be gentle with them to minimize the bark peel.  

photo-output 6.JPG


narrow top


wide top

basic weave, monochrome

fancy weave, colorwork

each basket comes with recycled leather loop straps on the back to handily attach to your very own belt. (1.25" belts)


Fannypack Pre-Orders Closed! 

Please fill out all the fields fully and promptly Venmo your $100 non-refundable deposit to @anniezylstra with a friend's transaction after receiving the personal confirmation email from Anni. When you order is finished, you will be notified via email and can pay your balance and shipping fee at that time.

Deposit and Abandoned Orders Policy:

1. Deposits should be paid within 12 hours of receiving order confirmation. Orders with deposits not made in that time are considered incomplete and will be discarded. 

2. Deposits on all pre-ordered and commissioned works are non-refundable. 

3. If a buyer ghosts and a balance is not paid within a week of the completion notice, the order will be considered abandoned and potentially passed on to another customer. The deposit refund policy stands for abandoned orders.

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